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Natural Ventilation & Daylight

Natural Ventilation & Daylight

With ever increasing energy costs, the ability to use renewable energy to ventilate and provide natural light into buildings has never been more prevalent

Associate Engineering Systems have been providing natural ventilation and daylight systems for over 20 years, and we offer architects, consultant engineers, and contractors a full design, supply, and installation service for the systems that we offer.

‘Intelivent’ Natural Ventilation Systems

The idea of naturally ventilating buildings by harnessing the movement of air and utilising it’s thermal properties to provide ‘free-cooling’ to the occupants has been around for thousands of years. To apply the theory to modern buildings takes a hollistic approach.

Whether the required system is a roof terminal based ‘Windcatcher’ system, controllable
facade systems incorporated into the fabric of the building, or even full climate facades,
we can offer our clients advice on the use of the correct system for their application.
Our ‘Intelivent’ range offers the most technologically advanced natural ventilation systems on the market. Modern variants include systems using integral boost fans fully powered by solar panels, with solar powered batteries for 24 hour operation (Intelivent Solarstore), controllable facade louvres, and crucially the industry leading wireless & hard-wired control systems required to ensure efficient operation of any system. We offer a full design service for your project requirements.

‘Solatube’ Natural Daylight Systems

The Solatube system is the brightest tubular natural daylight system in the world. With a
certified reflectance of 99.7%, and the only natural daylight system to be BBA certified,
our systems will typically offer 30% more light to your room than a system with a 98%

By using mirrored tubes to pipe daylight to rooms below, areas from sports arenas to en-suite bathrooms can benefit from free natural daylight, and the benefits of providing it.
The Solatube system can be applied to any roof type, commercial or domestic, and the system is widely used in:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Domestic applications

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