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Gas Safety

Gas safety systems covering flammable, toxic, and Oxygen Depletion  monitoring systems, gas pressure proving systems, and gas & ventilation interlock systems are essential to keep occupants and employees safe.

Associate Engineering Systems offer a full range of systems which can be tailored and combined to your individual requirements, including:

  • TCW ‘Firewatch’ & ‘Fireguard gas pressure proving, gas isolation, and ventilation interlock systems. These systems are installed all over NI & RoI in schools, labs, commercial kitchens, and plant rooms. They monitor the downstream gas installation for both flammable and lab gases to detect a gas leak or open gas tap or appliance at source.

Commercial kitchens are now required by legislation to include a system of interlocking the mechanical ventilation with the gas supply and Firewatch systems offer this in a number of configuration options.

  • GDS Gas Detection Systems are installed everywhere from a small boiler house to a petro-chemical installation to monitor for a leak to atmosphere of flammable or toxic gases, as well as monitoring for a compromise of the atmosphere by a suffocant (Oxygen Depletion). Each application will be different and every system is designed to the individual application, often being combined with TCW Fireguard systems to provide isolation of the gas supply in the event of an alarm condition.

Commissioning & Maintenance

Most gas safety systems require site commissioning, and ALL gas safety systems require regular maintenance, calibration, and certification to ensure the ongoing safety of the occupants of any building. Associate Engineering Systems can offer full planned maintenance contracts for all gas safety systems. An unmaintained system provides nothing more than a false sense of security, and any resulting accident or incident will require proof that regular maintenance has been carried out as a duty of care to the occupants of a building.

For technical information or design assistance for any gas safety system, please contact us on the telephone number or e-mail address above to discuss your individual requirements or request a quotation.


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