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Leak Detection

Whether it be water, acid, fuel, or oil, any undetected liquid leak can be disastrous and massively expensive. Water leaking from a pipe within a commercial floor void can lead not only to physical damage but damage to IT and electricity infrastructure. Fuel oil leaking from a tank or pipe can lead to environmental damage, massive clean-up costs, and possible prosecution.

Associate Engineering Systems offer the full range of Raychem Trace Tek liquid leak detection systems and Aquilar ‘Aquitron’ leak detection control panels. We can design, install, and maintain all offered systems. From a simple module monitoring a drip tray above a small server room, to a location system monitoring hundreds of points all over a hospital, we can advise on the correct system for your application.

It is a sad fact that a great number of the systems that we install are only requested after an incident has occurred. The cost of installing it before the incident in comparison to the cost of repairs and inconvenience caused would have been tiny.

For technical information on the full range of TraceTek & Aquilar Aquitron systems, please click on the button below to enter the main Aquilar site. Alternatively, please contact us on the telephone number or e-mail address above to discuss your individual requirements or request a quotation.

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