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Air Distribution - Smartemp

Smartemp are one of the world’s leading suppliers of air distribution diffusers, cleanroom equipment, and static heating & cooling systems (chilled ceilings & beams). Associate Engineering are Smartemp’s technical representatives and agent in Ireland with  numerous successful applications from theatres to swimming pools, call centres to cleanrooms, sports arenas to offices.

The requirement to use expensively heated and cooled ventilation air as efficiently as possible means that air distribution is key to minimising running costs, and at the same time providing the highest possible comfort conditions for occupants. Uncomfortable employees means reduced productivity; an uncomfortable auditorium will quickly see a theatre’s bookings decline; low efficiency air distribution will drastically affect the end user’s energy bills. If designers, consultant engineers and contractors are to truly provide acceptable internal conditions, quietly, architecturally sensitively, and by using the energy of the supply air in the most efficient way possible, then the use of high efficiency, high-induction, low momentum, or long throw air distribution terminals is key.

For technical information on the full range of Smartemp air distribution equipment and heating & cooling systems, please click on the button below to enter the main site. Alternatively, please contact us on the telephone number or e-mail address above to discuss your individual requirements.

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